It's the Little Things

A recent foot surgery (not a big deal – all is well) forced me to spend more time sitting than I usually care to. 


To fill the boring hours I decided to do a long overdue sort through some of my many “stashes” of bits and pieces.  My collections all have legitimate beginnings, though I admit that some may have gotten a bit out of control.  Let me take a few minutes to explain some of these, whether to inform and intrigue you (the reader) or to justify and vindicate me (the hoarder)….you be the judge.


I began collecting type about 25 years ago, about the same time I acquired a vintage hot stamping machine. At the time I was a dedicated bookbinder and had intended to use the type and machine to title the spines of my books. 

Sadly, that never happened as I soon learned that while people would purchase a limited number of blank books they were open to relatively more handmade boxes and I switched studio gears.  I have made a few content books with the type and often use it on small books or box spines,

but when you purchase type you tend to get a rather large quantity of it so I began selling off collections in my Reminiscence Papers on Etsy shop.  Selling type led to buying more type and so on, and so on, and so on…….you get the idea.  Returning to the “little” theme, a couple of years ago I began drilling small pieces of type (18pt – ¼”) and offering them as Wearable History initial and monogram pendants. 

Great idea, but wrangling all of that little type can get out of hand.  The good news in all of this is that sore foot = sorted type = happy me.  This took care of the first two recuperative days.

Quite out of the blue I had an urge to create some box-bots a few years ago. To that end I purchased some vintage doll parts of a size small enough to incorporate into my work. The box-bots have a rather limited audience but the little parts continued to fascinate me so I continued to collect them. 

I still use some parts in my work, mostly with papier mache now, but as with the type, my acquisitions seem to have exceeded my needs. 

Fortunately the above Etsy shop was available and willing to help deal with my extra bits.  Larger doll parts sell easily to doll makers and those who make altered art and tiny parts are in great demand, but I have take it a step further.  Adding to the Wearable History line I began turning the most charming little limbs (arms and legs) into vintage porcelain pendants for those who like a little “quirky” in their day. 

I knew that I had a lot of the parts but with my foot propped on a chair, ice pack in place, I find that I may have considerably more than I thought. Hmmmmm


Yesterday I started on vintage game parts and predictably I have amassed a pretty impressive collection.  Monopoly, Bingo, Chess and more are represented and, as often happens, I was unable to finish tidying them when I had an idea to use up some cards to make little books. 

Seriously though, I’m hoping to use every bit of my self control to finish sorting today, then move on to playing cards. Sheesh!


Now I’m thinking that I can’t be the only one with hoarding/horror stories. What’s yours?